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Positive Affirmations for Parents

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If you’re familiar with positive affirmations, you’re probably aware of how powerful they can be. Not only can they help you make significant changes in your life, but they can also help you reduce your stress levels and be more joyful.

Parenting is Hard but Meaningful

Being a parent is a wonderful journey full of many peaceful, happy moments. Still, it can sometimes also bring more worry and anxiety than almost anything else in someone’s life. There’s worry over whether you’re “doing it right,” fear about bad things happening to your kids, and the stress of everyday battles of will.

Positive affirmations specifically for parenting can help you let go of some of the anxiety and grab onto more of the joy of having kids.

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Positive Affirmations for Parenting

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Here are some affirmations that you can say to yourself repeatedly, to help train your brain to let go of stress and embrace peace surrounding your children. You may replace “child” with your son or daughters name(s). You can choose one affirmation to use daily, use many, or write your own personalized statements.

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  • I am a relaxed and loving parent.
  • I allow my child the space to have his/her separate identity.
  • I bask in the wonder and joy of watching my child grow and learn.
  • I know how to guide my child with love and understanding.
  • I trust the universe to keep my child safe.
  • I make the right decisions for my child’s safety.
  • I love playing with my child.
  • I know how to relax and simply enjoy my child.
  • I teach my child self-worth and self-care principles.
  • I am a good example for my child.
  • I take good care of myself, so my child will know how to take good care of him or herself.
  • I’m patient, loving, and understanding toward my child.
  • I work daily to preserve my child’s naturally high self-esteem.
  • I feed my child healthy food and provide emotional nourishment.
  • My child loves and looks up to me.

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