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Easy, Fast Lifestyle Changes to Lower Stress Now

At, we are devoted to bringing you the tools and resources necessary to build a healthy, productive, happy lifestyle.

Sometimes, though, all you want is a quick fix! You will be stunned at how dramatic the shift in your life will be when you implement the following ideas. Consider these simple steps to be the start a beautiful fresh outlook on life:

Eat Regularly

Sounds simple, right? But it’s the one thing we most often forget or figure we can omit. By eating 3 to 4 balanced meals over a 24-hour period, you will keep blood sugar levels more stable, your brain more refreshed and alert, and your energy levels properly poised to help you deal with all situations.

Avoid Information Overload

Today, we have an enormous amount of information at our fingertips – all of it screaming that it is top priority. Conveniences such as email, voicemail, and 24/7 news updates are also tremendous stressers. Find a way to reduce the mountain of information. Turn off your phone for a few hours or at least while you eat. Reduce the numbers of time per day that you check your email. Take the night off from the news programs. Let your mind catch up so you have time to measure what is important and discard the rest.


Breathing deeply and completely is one of the most effective stress-reducers there is. Take a moment to monitor the quality of your breathing. If you’re like most of us, you’ll notice that you are breathing shallowly and irregularly. Try the following pranayama technique at least 3 times a day: Sit or stand with an erect upper body posture. Close your mouth, and breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose for a count of 7. Hold your breath for another 7 counts. Exhale through your mouth, making a whooshing sound at the back of your throat, again for a count of 7. Wait 7 counts after exhaling, and inhale again. Repeat 3 times.

Listen to Music

This is a huge stress release tool. Whether you like Beethoven or the Beastie Boys, Madonna or Mendelssohn, music truly does have the power to soothe the savage … well, you know. Listening to music that you love has the ability to calm your nervous system and help you focus. It might also inspire you to move — dance is an incredible reducer of stress and anxiety too! So put on some music and tap your feet!

Speak Your Mind

Much anxiety, depression, and stress can be the result of burying feelings. Using your emotional intelligence, say what is on your mind and in your heart. Don’t become obnoxious or alienating, of course, but deal with situations immediately rather than postponing them to some indefinite time in the future, allowing them to stress you out until then.

Allow Enough Time

Plan ahead: know how long it takes to commute to that appointment or how long you need to complete a task. Don’t cut yourself short on time so that you feel undue stress. Get up early and allow yourself time to eat a healthy breakfast. Don’t plan too much for yourself and schedule in cushion time; allow for traffic, a cup of coffee or tea, and some downtime to read a magazine. This is especially important if you have children, or other people you care for. Just remember: life is not a race.

You’ll be amazed at the progress you make toward overall stress-reduction by using these simple tools.

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