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Best Hobbies to Relieve Stress

It’s common to hear the advice to take up a hobby to reduce your stress. Are all hobbies created equal when it comes to relaxing?

Actually, certain hobbies might be better choices than others if the goal is to decompress and let go of the cares of the day.

Building Blocks of a Stress-Relieving Hobby

When you’re considering taking up a new hobby with stress relief as the optimal goal, here are some things to consider:

  • Choose something that is relaxing but also engages your mind. This helps relieve worry because you’re focused on something else. It also has the important added benefit of improving your memory and problem-solving skills.
  • Find a hobby that is productive. Choose something that gives you a finished product in which to find satisfaction.
  • Try to make it colorful. Color has strong effects on our brain, and doing a hobby that involves the use of soothing colors can be all that much more relaxing.

Some soothing colors to try and work into your hobby include lavender, pale green, cool blue, grayish-blue, aqua, and pale pink.

  • Consider something that can be done with others as well as alone. If your hobby is flexible enough to be done with a group or by yourself, you will be able to use it in various situations to derive maximum relaxation based on the individual needs of the moment.
  • If you can do it outside, so much the better. If possible, choose a hobby that allows you to be outside when possible. Everything is more relaxing when done in nature, and sunshine fights stress.

Examples of Great Stress-Relieving Hobbies

Using the above criteria, here are some examples of great relaxing hobbies to consider:

The More Hobbies, the Better

While one of your hobbies should incorporate the above conditions for stress relief, be sure to work to incorporate a variety of pastimes into your life.

Exercise is powerfully stress-relieving, so try to make one of your hobbies an active one, such as biking, playing a sport, or hiking.

Being part of a social group is also extremely rewarding and helps relieve stress. Try a hobby that is done in a group, such as joining a choir, trivia team, bowling team, or book club.

1 thought on “Best Hobbies to Relieve Stress”

  1. Zachary Tomlinson says:

    I want to help my colleague find the best way to burn his time and stress during weekends. I like your idea of trying out several hobbies, such as needlepoint and model building. I’ll discuss this idea with him so that he’d be productive and distracted at the same time.

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