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Do You Get Stressed in the Summer?

If you live where there are four distinct seasons, summer means warmer weather and more sunshine. Most people think of it as a carefree time with lots of relaxation, but it can be kind of stressful for some people.

And that’s completely understandable.

For example, when you’re an adult, returning to your job after a summer vacation can mean that you have a ton of extra work waiting for you. Having the kids home from school could mean paying for daycare or worrying about what they’re doing all day. You could have so many projects on your summer to-do list that you’re stressed about finishing or paying for them before the snow flies.

We have some techniques you can use to help make sure you have as stress-free of a summer as possible.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s always important to make sure you’re well-hydrated, but it’s even more crucial in the summertime when heat and increased activity can lead to dehydration. When you’re dehydrated, it’s harder to think straight, and depression and anxiety can increase.

Keep water with you all the time. You can even infuse it with your favorite fruit, such as watermelon, strawberry, or lime, to make it taste like summertime.

Get Enough Rest

It’s easy to be sleep deprived during the summer. It stays light longer, which can make falling asleep more challenging. Plus, there tend to be more social events going on that can get you going early and keep you up late.

Make sleep a priority. Get blackout curtains and keep your bedroom cool and calm. As much as possible, try to maintain your regular sleep quality and quantity throughout the summer months.

Be Realistic About Your To-Do List

It can be helpful to sit down and really consider the projects that you need and want to get done during the summer. Try to choose only the number that you can afford and will realistically have time to achieve without causing too much stress.

You may consider hiring someone to do the projects that you find the most time-consuming or stressful.

Get Outside and Plan for Down Time

Don’t stay cooped up all summer. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Take a hike to connect with nature. Getting exposure to sunlight goes a long way toward helping maintain emotional balance.

Don’t Plan Too Many Activities

Don’t over plan your summer. Remember that too much structured activity and not enough unstructured free time can create stress and anxiety for everyone in your family. Don’t overschedule your kids, either, because that will add more to your plate as well as theirs.

Learn more about summertime with kids here: “How to Decrease Summertime Stress with Kids.”

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