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Netflix: Movies to Decrease Stress

Many people are watching movies at home. In fact, the Digital Entertainment Group estimates that 95% of American homes contain at least one HDTV.(1)

Small wonder! A good movie and a bowl of healthy popcorn make for relaxing entertainment. Home cinema is certainly a lot less expensive than a regular night out at the theater, but, ironically, it can be a source of stress if you have to worry about returning movies on time, getting to the video store early enough to catch the latest release before it’s sold out, or trying to find that documentary that everyone’s talking about but no store carries. Suddenly, what was meant to be a stress-reducing night at home can be a nightmare of running around and disappointment.

But not if you are a Netflix subscriber.

With Netflix, you can rent DVDs for a low monthly fee (starting at $4.99 per month), through their website, You can have as many as 2 movies out at any given time, with no late fees ever! That’s right, you can take as long as you want to finish watching the movie, then pop it in the mail, and Netflix will send you the next one on your list immediately.

Dying to catch that latest blockbuster as soon as it comes out on DVD? You can add it to your list of movies, and Netflix will send it as soon as it becomes available. With over 100,000 titles—including documentaries, foreign films, and television episode sets—and more being added all the time, you’ll find that the most stress you’ll have is figuring out which great flick to watch next. Netflix can help you there too, with over 2 million reviews online.

Streaming Netflix

Not interested in dealing with DVDs at all? No problem! Netflix also offers 125 million hours of movies and TV that can be instantly streamed to your computer, your television via an Internet-connected, Netflix-ready device, or your phone or tablet.

Seeing really is believing, so Netflix is offering a no-obligation 1-month trial of whichever plan you choose. Once you try it, there are no long-term commitments: you can cancel any time. But with so many satisfied customers (like those of us here at, it’s more likely that you’ll want to share Netflix with friends and family. So invite some people over for movie night and let the relaxing begin!

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