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How to Pose for a Photo

Have you ever been browsing Facebook or Instagram and suddenly come across a picture of yourself, posted by a friend? At the time, you’d done your best to pose for the photo so you’d look your best, but now you aren’t happy with how it turned out.

You’re not alone. Many people don’t know the best ways to pose to get great, flattering pictures of themselves. Here, we have a few tips for you to try. Practice them at home to see which ones work for you until you can get into the best position quickly when people start snapping photos at parties.

Eliminate a Double Chin Look

Even if you don’t have a double chin, it can be easy to look like you do in photos. One way to avoid this is to accentuate your jaw tone by elongating your neck and body. Stand as tall as you can, stretching your neck and body, and then push your head toward the camera. Then angle your chin slightly downward. This will smooth out your neck and give you a more defined jawline. It can feel a little awkward and take some getting used to, so be sure you practice this a lot at home.

Figure Out Your Good Side

Experiment by taking three selfies—one looking head-on into the camera and then one of each side of your face. Determine which side you think looks best and turn that direction toward the camera during photos.

Turn to the Side a Bit

Photos where you are facing directly toward the camera might not be the most flattering. Try turning a bit to the side and putting one foot forward a little. Put your weight on your back leg.

You can use the information you’ve learned about which side of your face photographs better to help you decide which way to turn.

Lift the Arm Closest to the Camera

When you are turned a bit to the side facing the camera, put the close hand on your hip or move it out slightly from your body, which will help you avoid having your upper arm look too full because it’s pushed against your body.

Think About Something That Makes You Happy

Just before the photo is snapped, think about something that makes you feel happy and allow true emotion to come into your face. Don’t open your eyes too wide or smile too big if you can help it, and don’t say anything just before having the picture snapped—that can make your mouth settle in a strange position.

Sweep Long Hair off Your Neck

If you have long hair, consider moving it off the shoulder that’s facing the camera. This will show your neck, which can create an attractive line and help define your jawline better on that side.

Try Pressing Your Tongue Behind Your Teeth

See whether you like your photos better when you press your tongue firmly behind your teeth and then smile. This can help lift the area just below your jawline and eliminate double chin problems. See if it works for you.

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