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Feng Shui Tips for the Office

Feng shui is an ancient practice from China that uses design elements and placement of furniture and other objects in a space to promote a certain atmosphere or “vibe.” Good Feng shui can help us feel more emotionally balanced. Among many other things, it can be used to boost productivity, encourage relaxation, or enhance communication. Learn more: “Feng Shui: Decorate to Reduce Stress.”

Here are some specific tips for using Feng shui to create a great office atmosphere to help reduce your stress and increase your productivity at work.

Get Rid of Clutter

The first step to creating a great working atmosphere is to get rid of all clutter. Don’t have papers lying around, clean up extra knick-knacks, and generally create a well-organized, clean and cleared out space.

Put Your Desk or Sitting Space Across from the Door

If at all possible, position your desk so your back is to a wall, not the door. You should be able to clearly see the door from where you sit most of the time. This position gives you “command” of the room and also gives you lots of clear space in front of you.

Use Bright Colors You Like

Bring different swaths of color into your office and determine which one gives the space the feeling you like. You don’t want to be too relaxed and sleepy or fired up and stressed. Calm, open, and energized are the feelings you’re looking for. Once you find a color that feels that way to you, place it around the room strategically where it looks the best and your eye will find it often.

Bring Comforting Items In

If possible, create a small nook or space that you can make as comfortable as possible with cushions, comfort items from home, and books or artwork that you love. Use this area throughout the day to take breaks, destress, and even meditate as needed.

Use Scents to Enhance the Atmosphere

A diffuser with essential oils can be a great way to do this as long as it’s allowed in your office and doesn’t bother any of your co-workers. Choose oils that make you feel inspired or energized, like orange or peppermint.

Try Plants to Bring the Outside In

Plants can help clean the air in your office and they might help with your Feng shui because they bring the outside in. Choose something that looks inviting in the room and that you feel confident about caring for.

Remember: there are lots of resources with very specific suggestions about Feng shui. You can get as detailed about it as you like. Ultimately, however, what’s most important is that the space you are in helps you feel the way that produces the results you want. Change colors, furniture positions, and accessories until you get the space you love.

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