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Feng Shui Tips to Destress Your Home

Did you know that your physical environment can have a significant impact on the stress and anxiety you feel on a moment to moment basis? It’s true! For instance, if you’re surrounded by clutter, your brain can become overwhelmed and have trouble focusing on tasks, which increases your stress.

Luckily, the opposite can also be true. Arranging and decorating your space in specific ways can actually decrease the stress and anxiety you feel.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on arranging things in your physical space to help produce specific responses like better sleep, increased productivity, or reduced stress.

Feng shui can be broad and common sense or specific and minute. You can learn some basic decorating techniques that decrease stress here: “Feng Shui: Decorate to Reduce Stress.”

Clean and Declutter to Start

As you begin to think about Feng shui, work on decluttering and deep cleaning your home. Clutter, dirt, and dust are all stressful, distracting you from relaxing or being creative in other ways.

Falling Water Sounds Are Stress-Relieving

Tabletop water fountains can create soothing energy in your home. The pleasant sound helps relieve stress. One thing you can consider is getting water fountains for your pets and placing them in different areas. Not only will their sounds help you destress, but fountains can also help your pets consume more water, decreasing their risks of certain health conditions like kidney disease.

Soften Your Spaces with Materials

When you’re decorating your home’s living spaces, think soft. Use curtains, pillows, and other soft surfaces in colors that make you feel calm. Hard, industrial-like surfaces can trigger more stress or anxiety while soft ones tend to induce softer, more peaceful thoughts and feelings. Try earth tones, which can be grounding and soothing.

Use Strategically Placed Calming Messages

Use images and words that help you feel joy, peace, or calm to decorate your spaces. This could be framed photos of loved ones or pieces of art that inspire or soothe you. You can find phrases or single words that make you feel good and create or buy artwork to hang that uses them.

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