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Easy Stress-Relievers to Try Throughout the Day

We all have stress, and throughout the day, it can increase as we’re busily attending appointments, dealing with work or home life, and handling traffic, bills, illness, and everything else that comes along.

It’s good to have some set things that you do periodically—maybe once an hour—that you know help you relax. Quick relaxation techniques can make the difference between you getting more stressed and upset all day or experiencing greater relaxation and calm. Try a bunch of them, pick a few that seem to work well for you, and use them routinely. Make them a habit in your life, and you’ll see mental and physical benefits from managing your stress that way.

Do Some Stretches

Take time to stretch about once an hour. This is especially stress-relieving if you have a desk job because your body begins to hold tension from sitting all day. Find a few simple stretches that really help you release tension and take a few minutes out of every hour to perform them.

Sing a Song You Love

Singing is a fantastic way to relieve stress and release tension from your body. It also helps you with your breathing—you must take deep, diaphragmatic breaths to sing well, and that’s wonderful for stress relief.

Watch a Funny Internet Video

Find some videos or websites that you find hilarious and watch them periodically when you start to feel some stress. Laughter is a powerful way to relieve stress, so set yourself up for some humorous interludes throughout your day.

Do Some Visualization

Close your eyes and envision yourself somewhere you know is relaxing to you. This could be a beach, a favorite person’s house, or any other place where you feel good and peaceful. Really concentrate and try to evoke the smells, sights, sounds, and feelings you have in that place. Your brain will think you’re really there, and you will feel better.

Do Positive Affirmations

Repeat positive phrases to yourself when you feel stressed. Give yourself a few minutes to focus and repeat the words in your mind or out loud. Use present tense and say the phrase with confidence. You can learn more here: “Positive Affirmations for Stress Reduction.”

Get Some Sun

Sunshine is powerful. It can help lower your stress right away. Even if you only have time to go outside and walk around your building, it will help you manage stress. In fact, even if it’s a cloudy day, just getting outside helps most people calm down and feel better. If there is a way you can connect with nature, such as walking on grass or through trees, you’ll find yourself feeling more peaceful. Doing so regularly can help you manage stress and decrease anxiety.

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