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How to Decrease Summertime Stress with Kids

When summer comes, parents of kids who attend school can feel conflicted. They’re usually ecstatic to see more of their kids. But they can also feel overwhelmed about how to keep their child busy and having good experiences while also making sure work and family responsibilities are taken care of.

Here are some ways to ensure that things that need to get done do while your child also gets to enjoy free and fun times this summer.

Decide on a Morning Routine

Sit down with your kids and agree on some things that must get done every morning during the summer. For example, bed-making, tooth-brushing, getting dressed, and having breakfast together.

You may wish to write these tasks down or create a picture chart for younger kids.

When your family makes sure to get certain chores done every morning, it relieves a lot of stress for the parents because routine tasks are sure to be accomplished. The morning routine also gives working parents a chance to connect with their kids before work.

Plan the Summer’s Activities

Before school ends, sit down with your family and discuss what you would each like to do activity-wise. Your child might attend day camps or sports. You may have a family vacation or plan local weekend camping trips.

Be sure not to overschedule your kids. They need time to play and explore during the summer. And you need your own down time to enjoy having them around.

Plan Your Own Spontaneity

It can be hard for adults to shrug off their to-do list and simply enjoy life for a few hours, but that’s an important thing to do during the summer. Plan for chunks of time when you can simply relax, go outside and play with your kids, and not worry about the list of things you must do. Your kids will absolutely love having your undivided attention and welcoming you into their imaginative, exploratory play.

Keep the Evening Routine Stable

Just like with your morning routine, create a non-negotiable evening routine for your family to follow during the summer. Stick to a regular bedtime as much as possible. Part of your evening routine could include everyone pitching in to do a pass through the house to pick up, making sure the dishes are done, hanging up any wet bathing suits to dry, and generally getting prepared for the next day.

Maintaining some structure while planning in fun, unstructured playtime for all of you will help make summer stress-free and adventure-full for your family.

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