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Positive Affirmations for Romantic Relationships

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Keeping a romantic relationship healthy takes work on the part of both partners. There are ups and downs in every relationship, but an overall positive feeling toward the partnership is vital for keeping it strong and healthy.

Positive affirmations can help you keep your relationship strong. These are statements that you can repeat to yourself routinely, in the present tense, that reflect how you want your relationship to be.

To learn more about positive affirmations in general, check here: “Positive Affirmations for Stress Reduction.”

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Affirmations for Love and Relationships

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Here is a list of positive affirmations for your relationship. You may choose one or several of these to repeat to yourself multiple times a day. You may also write your own affirmations, which you can learn to do here: “How to Write Your Own Positive Affirmations.”

You may also adjust words in the following affirmations to more closely fit your situation (for instance, use marriage instead of relationship). You can even use your partner’s name. Make them as personal to you and your relationship as possible.

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  • My relationship is becoming stronger and more loving every day.
  • I trust my partner and feel secure in our love.
  • I always see and understand my partner’s attempts at showing me love.
  • I show my partner love every day in every way.
  • My relationship is based on love, trust, and affection.
  • My relationship is strong, warm, and loving.
  • I work daily to ensure that my partner feels my love.
  • My relationship is filled with romance.
  • I am open to receiving my partner’s love the way it is shown to me.
  • I easily give and receive love with my partner.
  • I communicate well with my partner, who understands and responds to my feelings.
  • I listen well to my partner and understand what I need to do to support our relationship.
  • It’s important to me that my partner feels heard and understood.
  • I am good at communication.
  • My healthy relationship is important to me, and I nurture it every day.

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